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Sewing_machine_f2958256 Who we are:
Pins & Bones was started by a small group of friends who all share the same passion for clothing and fashion. We started with a small idea and now are driven to grow our love for high quality products to a larger scale.

What we are known for:
We are known to offer a very punk rock, rockabilly, retro, classic, pop culture, inspired style of clothing for Women, Junior, and Men.

When we first started:
We started in early 2012, creating new and awesome looking garments for our close friends, immediate family, and local customers we met at the variety of trade shows we attended. By keeping with this philosophy, we saw our selves quickly growing our customer base from local to almost worldwide over a few month span.

Ever since our first sale we’ve been pushing to improve on every aspect of our business. Now we have much more products to offer our customers all while maintaining that high standard of quality from when we first started.

Where do we see ourselves in the future:

We are very excited of what the future holds for us. We definitely see ourselves creating and developing new and exciting products that our present and future customers will absolutely love. With different ventures coming into play… we here at Pins & Bones are thrilled with the limitless possibilities that the future holds for us.

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